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Social Work and Counselling

Counsellors and Social Workers work with children and young adults to build their self awareness and emotional growth. They support life transitions and emotional well being. This can be as individual sessions or in a group.

Our Counsellors assist with:

  • Helping to facilitate self-knowledge

  • Building emotional acceptance and growth

  • Developing and co-ordinating personal resources to work towards your goals

  • Help gain insight into what you would like to achieve 

  • Emotional regulation

  • Goal setting and working towards personal goals

  • Helping to develop personal capacity and strategies

  • Working through worries/anxiety/behavioural issues that may hinder progress

Our Social Workers assist with:

  • Life transitions (home, school, being independent, work, etc.)

  • Identify and mapping out life goals, goal setting and

      working towards your personal goals

  • Facilitating self-knowledge (coaching and self-improvement to gain personal insights)

  • Social-emotional acceptance and growth (i.e., relationships, identity, sexuality, social skills)

  • Accessing resources to facilitate personal development

  • Life-skills coaching (i.e., budgeting, paying bills)

  • Facilitating engagement with external services (i.e., Centrelink, housing, transport, etc.)

  • Education and employment transitions 

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