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Aleayah Chiffey

Hello there,

My name is Aleayah.

I started working for IKOT as a full-time therapy assistant in July 2023, before that I worked as a disability support worker for 3 years working in both the SIL and community access areas with a wide range of participants ranging from children to seniors with different types of disabilities. I love that my job at IKOT allows me to still work in the disability world as I loved every aspect of my old job and am very passionate about providing the best support and strategies possible for clients to work towards their goals while also educating myself further on the NDIS and school systems.

In 2022, I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychological science and have an interest in potentially studying further as a psychologist, social worker, behavioral support practitioner, counsellor or occupational therapist. My goal in this role at IKOT is to put some of the practices I learnt in university and my past job to better improve my skills and knowledge in providing the best form of therapy possible and help people achieve their goals.

Outside of work I enjoy working out, reading, spending quality time with friends and family and going on walks. I also wish to travel and see more of the world as soon as possible such as Europe and Asia.

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