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Charlaine Andrin

Hello, I'm Charlaine.


I completed my Bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy

at Cebu Doctors' University back 2016. I have worked in a private paediatric clinic for the first 3 years in the Philippines prior moving to Queensland, where I worked in the aged care sector for 2 years. 


I visited Tasmania last 2021 and fell in love with the place and moved here early 2022. I recently joined Independent Kids and Adults and have been enjoying the wonderful support from the team and the continuous professional development. There is always something new to learn each day! My areas of interest are sensory processing, executive function skills, and emotional regulation. I've learned from working as an OT, that it is not just a one way street where I "teach" the clients these essential skills but I also learn valuable lessons from them and their family which has been essential to my professional growth. Outside of work, I enjoy walking by the beach with a chai latte on one hand and a croissant on the other!

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