William Miles (Will)

Heyo, my name is William,

I’m the receptionist at our Lenah Valley clinic. I’m the first face that most clients see and the voice that comes out of their phone, and I’m always ready and happy to meet and assist new people. I love meeting all our clients and seeing the progress that they make, some gradual, some rapid, but all of it very heartwarming and amazing, our Therapists do an amazing job and I get to see the results of that every day, it’s very fulfilling.

When I’m not on the front desk, or often times while I am, I also provide IT support to the staff at Independent Kids; and I’m known to be the bringer of snacks and biscuits, which are stored in various places around the office.

I’ve been in customer service for my whole career, I’ve gone from call centre sales, door-to-door sales, waiter work, housekeeping, bartending, working with hearing aids…the list goes on, really, It’s nothing if not full of variety; I always come back because I genuinely enjoy helping people, fixing things, and putting puzzles together.

Outside of work I enjoy going on walks to the beach with my lovely Labrador, Max; or relaxing at home with my partner and 4 Cats; it’s not an action packed lifestyle, but it certainly keeps things ticking along.
I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Independent Kids Family!