With all of the schemes listed below, you need to have a plan in place prior to your appointment to be able to make a claim.


Chronic Disease Management Plan


Your GP can refer your child under an Chronic Disease Management Plan. People who have a chronic condition (persists for 6 months or longer) and are eligible for more than one type of allied health provider can access this plan. You can be referred for up to 5 sessions in a calendar year (January to January). Your GP can decide how these sessions are best allocated. They may decide to refer all 5 sessions to an occupational therapist or split the sessions amongst a few professionals. You will receive a rebate of $52.95 with out-of-pocket costs counting towards the extended Medicare safety net.


Mental Health Care Plan

Your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist can refer under the Mental Health Initiative. This is for children who are suffering a mental health condition. A child may be entilted to 10 sessions in total with a review and re-referral after 6.

Autism Care Plan

The Helping Children with Autism package allows children to access 20 sessions from an occupational therapist, speech pathologist or psychologist up until the age of 15 (must have plan in place prior to 13th birthday). It also allows children to receive 4 assessment sessions prior to their 13th birthday.

Better Start Care Plan

The Better Start package allows children to access 20 sessions from a variety of professionals up until the age of 15 (must have plan in place prior to 13th birthday). Eligible diagnosis are:

  • Down Syndrome

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Fragile X

  • Vision or hearing impairment

  • Prader Willi syndrome

  • Williams syndrome

  • Angelman syndrome

  • Kabuki syndrome

  • Smith-Magenis syndrome

  • CHARGE syndrome

  • Cornelia de Lange syndrome

  • Cri du Chat syndrome

  • Microcephaly

  • Rett's syndrome


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