Alison Weeding

Hi, I’m Alison (the other one!)


I love working as an OT with young people. I’m passionate in supporting clients and families to understand their concerns, form goals, and work towards them together. Target areas often include play and social skills, self-care tasks and learning. Outcomes are often amazing – like sharing attention and a 2-way connection in play, writing a name, having toileting success, tolerating wearing shoes and socks or having a shower, or gaining equipment or strategies that makes learning, work or self-regulation easier.


I really enjoy what I do. I’ve been working as an OT in the area of paediatrics since 1998. This has been in a variety of non-government, government and private practices. I’m a proud Hobartian. I studied OT at the University of South Australia and returned home to start work in Southern Children’s Services (Tas Govt funded) in what is now called St Giles. I worked in Melbourne for 5 years including work in children’s services at Scope and Yooralla (Victorian non-government disability organisations) and in private practices.


I returned to Hobart in 2008 with my husband, and we now have two energetic, cheeky lads who amaze, exhaust and entertain us daily! I’ve loved working at Independent Kids since late 2010, as I balance my Mum and OT roles. It is a warm and welcoming practice with resourceful, effective and kind therapists to support you. It’s exciting to imagine potential changes and new skills just around the corner!

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